Low Hall Garth 2011

Low Hall Garth. James Malden, Richard D’Silva, Gareth SB, Rowan SB, Richard Wilson, Tamsin Wilson, Steve Williams, Gemma

Diary taken from photo of log book!

Rowan & Gareth, James and Richard D’S arrive, in daylight for once! Chicken pies for dinner

Leisurely start, out at 9.45 up Wetherlam avoiding the theoretical only “green path”. Nice sunshine, lovely views. Lunch overlooking Swirl Hause contemplating what a difference it makes climbing Wetherlam Edge when there isn’t ice underfoot and a howling gale!

Up to Swirl How. Rowan loses hat. James and Richard see Rowan’s hat but don’t pick it up (put off by the sock in the vicinity). Round by Great Carrs, Little Carrs, halfway down Rowan realises he’s lost his hat. Gareth goes back to look. Rowan, James, Richard continue, crossing Greenburn Beck just below the mine workings. Gareth catches up – no hat. Back at LHG 4:30? Spag bol by James for supper.

Out at 9.45 (oh well!). By car to NT car park next to New Hotel. Up to L of Stickle Gill, towards Thorn Crag. Tried to find path across to Stick Tarn but missed it. Continued up to Harrison Stickle (in cloud), initially crowded, empty once we’d lunched. Found Thumcar Knott by compass, then on to High Raise, still no visibility. Down via right of way towards Pile of Stones required some precision dead-reckoning but we found it spot on. Then down Stake Gill and Mickleden, Cumbria Way back to car to avoid road. 5:15pm joined by Richard and Tam at LHG who cooked superb roast chicken, sausages, bacon, roasties… followed by cream (well whipped) strawberry meringues (There aren’t many huts where you could prep that – thanks LHG!) Steve and Gemma arrive at 10pm. Party complete.

Out at 10:00 (perhaps Thursday wasn’t leisurely??), drove to Coniston, parked at Station Yard. Up to YH at Copper Mines (another reasonable hut – if LHG isn’t free!). TOok the path to L & Tongue Brow (?) up to Levers Water, round the R hand side up to Swirl Hause. Another attempt to find Rowan’s hat, 16 eyes climbing Prison Band. But it was NOT THERE! (Even though Richard W spotted the sock). Lunch in a cloud near Swirl How. Afte, S to Brim Fell, but had to scramble up from the driars (?) path on the W slope to take in the summit. Then Old Man, cloud now lifting, giving some views. Down to Goat’s Hawse, then Dow Crag, Buck Pike, Brown Pike, clouding having lifted enough to get great views in all direction from this ridge. Back to Coniston via Walna Scar Road, arriving about 5pm, the latter part makes a long tramp. Stopped for refreshment at The Sub. Back to LHG by car, for Steve and Gemma’s (Gemma & Steve’s) chicken and leek pasta.

All but Rowan & Gareth were leaving today so lots of packing to do. James and Richard D’S needing to depart early, opted for a shorter walk up Lingmoor Feel. The rest of us left in all 3 cars at about 10:30 to Grasmere. Tam sampled the coffee shops of Grasmere (and visited Sara Nelson’s for us!) while Rowan, Gareth, Richard W, Steve and Gemma set off towards Brigstone Moss (juniper bushes). Weather lovely, sunny and not cold – COATS OFF! Quite hazy but some lovely views towards Helvellyn and Fairfield. Skirted Lang How then to Little & Great Castles How (lunch stop). Spectacular views to the Pikes, Bow Fell, Crinkes, Old Man etc. Pavey Ark and Harrison Stickle looked inviting but unanimous decision not to go down to Stickle Tarn (and climb up again) even though we’d missed it on Friday. Returned down Rhand side of Easedale then back to car park by 4pm. After saying goodbyes, two cars started long drives home while Rowan and Gareth returned to LHG for our last night. Left over pasta for dinner, fruit pie and cream! Fantastic four days again!


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