Snowdonia 2012

In 2012 we went off piste and headed off to Snowdonia for a rather wild and rather unlucky trip to the Welsh mountains. Despite Rowan’s fall the rest of us managed a few lovely walks with one very memorable snowy day that tested a few of us further than we are used to! I’m not sure my dad will ever get over the icy vertical descent (it was only 10 foot or so) that we had to do to get down! I think we all have a greater respect for Snowdonia and are looking forward to returning to mountains we know very well. The hut was very nice and I imagine an amazing spot in the summer for a base to do some great walking.


James Malden, Gareth SB, Richard Wilson, Toby Matthews, Peter Wilson, Bekki Farrar, Rowan SB (almost).


Day 1 – (Gareth/James to fill in)

Day 2 – Relatively simple loop from the hut, need map for names

Day 3 – Big walk in loop on big exciting ridge, need map to remember names

Day 3 – Very wet and wild day from hut towards big hill, turn back, through woods along river back to hut – need map for names

Day 4 – ?

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